Monday, 26 May 2014

The Lion: the hitch or the great divorce?

The toothless lion of our youth,
reliant on the roaring stones
of waterfalls and highland homes,
to awe-inspire when free to roam,
has raised his mane,
and prowls the rain,
and clears his throat,
to ask if we still love him:

: "Of course we do,
  we all need friends,
  the jungle will be safer then",
: "the more we have, the safer still",
: "our lion can protect, not kill".

I heard a kid the other day
considering the lion's share,
say "if he takes what others eat,
how can he sleep and say that's fair?"

We love the lion,
and his peace,
uncomfortable to make this choice,
we seek relief,
a champion's voice...

Another jungle had a king,
called Kenny,
on his words we draw,
to tell the lion at this time,
it's "mebbes aye
or mebbes naw".

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  1. love the play on cs lewis in the title...smiles...
    i will reply with a couple of his quotes...
    "course he isnt safe. but he is good."
    "He's wild, you know. Not like a tame lion."


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