Wednesday, 24 October 2012

la playa

bodies making sand connections
gritty grains grip sunscreened limbs
fresh seawater, skin transluscent
flickering pages gather wind,
facing south,
losing doubt,
tides roll in from Africa.

oriental genies pop up,
hands grant stubborn sinews calm,
shape-shift salesmen trudge to silence
conjure watches down one arm,
on the shore,
breakers roar,
tides roll in from Africa.

rows of blue sombreroed sunbeds
palm trees dance as horses crash
shell collections clear the sea out
tiny feet now make a splash,
all the while
Marbellan style,
tides roll in from Africa.

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Morning Manifesto

Notice the birds. Recognise their song. And join. Click minimize. Smell the salt water and consider where sea meets shore, sifting order from chaos. Watch a dog scamper for a ball with undivided soul. Make yourself smaller. Be astonished by the repeating waves. Scan a horizon line and some headlands. Try to understand  seagulls. Feel patterns being swept onto sand as swirling clouds step aside to introduce sunlight. Click minimize.

Restore yourself down. Consider the cycle of flowers. Reject worry. Look into the blue and watch the daytime moon balance in silhouette. Forget details. Feel small. Breathe deep the sky into your tiny lungs. Concentrate on footsteps: bodies held by gravity, bass drumming lightly against an orbitting planet. Held in space. Sample the growing swell on the shore. Pat that passing dog. Let the sand caress your footsteps as a plane slides past above you. Click minimize.

Accept a sunbeam on your face. Walk slowly. Ask yourself why the air seems so pure today. Watch a dancing robin. Be joined in the movement as birds pirouette through air currents. Accept the joy of their flight. Let a fly land on your hand. Walk beside a golf course and listen to the echo of order. Click minimize.

Life is not a tall order from the ground. Marvel that all you can see is a glimpse. That you are eternal.

Click minimize.

Finally, attempt to grasp that you are small but beautiful...  

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