Friday, 17 April 2015

At Home

Smile on your face,
laughter in your voice,
tea just on,
loving people,
having them round,
making them at home
right where you were,
caring, sharing
all of what you had,
scenes of scones unfold:
one hundred in your kitchen
can't be bad,
all-out concern your goal,
you made us proud
to call you friend,
courageous, faith-filled, to the end,
making heaven smile,
you're home at last.

In memory of Janice Davis who died April 1st 2015. (Jan is currently settling into her new place in heaven, and is, I am sure, smiling...)

Thursday, 16 April 2015

One Saturday in November...

Tennis balls torpedo town,
widow smiling in a hearse
stifles mercy,
sun plops round
4 by 4 treats gravel badly,
glory gone, glum pumpkin shivers,
rain rehearses, monsoon moon,
sugared water tips the balance,
mood enhancers lift the gloom,
cheer the nation,
pitch invasion,
how many voices are in the station?

Monday, 13 April 2015


Information sends Yves crazy
Tchaikovsky omnibus driving high at supper
I'm glad opinions mind me right
Omitted day plods Rex
Ml, pump band Tbilisi
Carb crisp thyme into consideration.
Sufjan scale tact big ace owl
Uvula tic need not buy only one.

(Decided to let predictive text be the author of this one. Give it a try)


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