Thursday, 8 March 2012

Solar Storm

The instant news
Halts my cereal spoon
In its tracks.

A geomagnetic storm
Derails my teacup too,
From its usual orbit
Of hand to mouth.

No need to panic
States Charlie Stayt
As I resume my BBC breakfast:

I sit and wait
As forward particles charge
In time to the experts.

"Expect them to strike
0600 and 1000 GMT."
(Or later as the day goes on.)

It's all up in the sky tonight:
Altered flight paths,
Sat navs blacked out,
And the aurora borealis
From your own back yard.

This talk could convince an alien
That, by association,
We own and run our solar system;

As, out of our tiny minds,
We launch the line
That we control
The out of control.



  1. What a very clear observation of our madness N.D.
    We as you say control nothing yet act as if we control it all. This Solar storm reminded me of the financial situation too. They haven't got a hope of controlling that either.
    Get ready for more of these C.M.E's coming our way very soon...
    You heard it here first...
    Nice posting N.D.

    1. Thank you PW,
      Kind of you to say so. I actually wrote most of this in the car whilst stuck in my usual queue on the way to work, so maybe didn't put all that much thought into it!


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