Monday, 8 July 2013

Wimbledon 2013

greyhound of the grass,
chasing down lost causes,
a serving, sprinting, sliding,
soft-handed survivor,
never giving up,
son of Dunblane,
making angels smile,
a British, Scottish superstar
not in it for the money,
shifting left and right, forward, back,
a human cursor chasing a ball at will,
tenacious to win,
turning round bad situations,
a championship point drama king
of the court,
with a history lesson
for children to believe in,
kindness in that smile,
making us proud:
Andy Murray.


  1. I watched the match on TV. What a great match it was!

  2. a human cursor chasing the ball...ha...sometimes for sure...smiles...good to see you man...those guys wow me when i see them on the court...i cant move like that...smiles.

  3. I hung onto every shot, miss, groan, whoop, fist pump .... I LOVE Wimbledon. Score one for the good guys.

  4. How cool was that! Great to read something of yours David!

  5. thought i saw something new there for a second...smiles...hope you are well..

    1. Hi Brian. Did have a new poem, but a glitch accidentally deleted it! A little bit frustrating as I couldn't remember most of it. (Sign of old age) David

  6. I saw the same thing! Then I came here and it was gone. I thought I must have dreamed it but if Brian saw the same thing I s'pose it wasn't a dream :)

  7. I live just 8 miles from Dunblane. We thought it was never coming!


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