Sunday, 27 October 2013

clocks go back

At this juncture,
every so often,
we let our clocks call out
that time does not exist
and we submit
(allow them power),
to jump-start us into early darkness
bring hibernation to the spirit,
and rise and rest
at the nick of their ticking;

so let the blackness settle
our moods are drawing in,
to hide in caves of comfort,
heating tired feet and minds,
mourning our loss,
afraid to let the light from inside
or celebrate the death of life reborn,
when living through the passing of the night...

Once in a while,
let your clocks go back
and back
and back,
to black and white,
listen to their sighs,
read the silence in their eyes,
glean wisdom from the wise, 
who let their clocks insist
that time did not exist...


  1. smiles...time is a human construct...evidenced greatly in our need to change them forward and take advantage of one more hour...nicely penned sir

  2. Beautiful, got me wondering what we should go back to, and what we should leave behind...

  3. I agree with Brian - time IS a human construct. It fascinates me how we still haven't quite learned how to harvest it.

  4. Eloquent and lovely...and yet leaves me a bit forlorn. While the tangled beauty of life does enchant, I'd give much to live a moment or two again. "back and black and white..." David, my life is a million shades of ash and sliver and battleship grey.

  5. I always want to hibernate when the early darkness comes. Love the puzzle and mystique of your thought-provoking piece.

  6. Time is so interesting--how we depend on clocks for our reality--you did an excellent write here, (the pendulum swung back and forth) how we let clocks define us, and yet there is that timeless element :-)


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