Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Man Up/Man Down

Your serotonin levels slip.

Even through the sun, you blink in only darkness.

A voice inside screams "get up, get out of bed," but no muscles move.

Your legs and arms are immobile.

The numb feeling inside your head makes no attempt to advance, jammed inside like sea-fog, stuck for the day on the coastline.

You want to enter the day, but it seems like a closed sign has been hung on every door.

You can't disengage from this or shake it off.

You need help.

You can't man up.

You are truly brave.

(posted in response to recent events underestimating the seriousness of depression)


  1. true. manning up is not the way to go...toughing it out is not the best thing...and for men that is hard to accept...but honest...

    RW's suicide was tough for me....

  2. Very timely post here...thank you so much for writing this.


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