Saturday, 10 January 2015

Always Dancers

gymnast days
against the flow,
with the satisfaction of wave completion,
a jet-skier tight-ropes far from shore,
obedient dog, hot under the heels,
sand kingdoms rise and fall,
in the tiptoe of the orange ball,
Africa wakes in the mist,
as birds like daylight bats skim by,
across the silver surface of the deep,
Nations try,
and always dancers we must be...


  1. Some awesome images in this piece as well as an articulation of wonderful movement that emphasizes the earth's delicate balancing act. The world unfolding - rolling forward against the flow - beneath the sun. Almost like a panorama from space that zeros in on random ordinary scenes and occasionally comes upon an ancient primordial force and/or vista. An inspired write, to start the year off!

  2. Like the new background my friend! Glad to see you blogging again :)


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