Sunday, 22 February 2015

first thing

dawn songs
strike and treat
your cares away,
first thoughts
stifled on a chirping scale
of octave-scent oxygen
wept through windows
as if to say
don't start your day
just listen
still and lay.


  1. Lovely. This is often the way I begin my day: just listen still and lay. It is a lovely cocooned feeling - though, occasionally, I find I - inexplicably - feel a little sad.

  2. put it simply and perfectly. Just the right kind of poem to capture the moment and the feeling of it.

  3. that is about the only thing that has been nice about all the snow...
    getting to lay there in the mornings with no where to go...ha...
    i like listening to the birds...its peaceful...

    hey you, you been doing well?

    nice new look to the page...

  4. Listening to the music of the morning is a great way to start the day indeed :)

  5. another's perspective can lend color to a moment. My insomniac 3am mornings lying in the stillness of the night listening to another breathe. I have, at times, had hours of this.....when thought and dreams and regret mingle into purpose. This was lovely, my friend.


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