Thursday, 16 April 2015

One Saturday in November...

Tennis balls torpedo town,
widow smiling in a hearse
stifles mercy,
sun plops round
4 by 4 treats gravel badly,
glory gone, glum pumpkin shivers,
rain rehearses, monsoon moon,
sugared water tips the balance,
mood enhancers lift the gloom,
cheer the nation,
pitch invasion,
how many voices are in the station?


  1. Hey! How ya been? At first this made me think of a crazy hail storm in November, ha. But then I got caught up in your alliteration and rhyme. Fun piece, David.

  2. A busy multi-layered scene painted in vibrant metaphors. Some very cool wordsmithing here that creates a rap-vibe-spoken-song cadence that really gels with the subject matter and takes the piece to the next level.


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