Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Short Walk in Three Acts.

Another trip
Another trap
Atop the planet,
Worried, so hurried,
Skating thin ice,
Arms and legs going goofy,
Windmilling for balance,
Stopping from toppling,
In sheer silent fury.

Under touring skies,
To breathe in
Painted fresh, fresh, frescoes,
Relentless brush-strokes,
Dripping from your eye-line,
Murals from your mouth,
As clouds your sunset shroud.

Readied now,
To journey home,
And realigned to


  1. This is brilliant and nuanced and real. The whirl of life and what our creative minds do with that. There is a depth of awareness and introspection to the piece that is profound.

  2. Realigned to the bowing position,
    realizing our own humility -- made the trip
    all worth it.


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