Thursday, 17 May 2018

With the sun..

Wearing wrap-around seduction.
A blindfold angel in black.

Mirrors to glimpse
a fine troubled prince?

Dressed-up pathway to the soul
in exchange for intrigue.

An aviator blocking out the skies?

Shaded, jaded movie-star,
behind the wheel,
top down in the wind?

Like a niqab
your face is somewhat free.

(But the eyes have it.)

For all we know
the whites of your sight
are prized pearls
within shut shells.

May this band of tan
leave us wondering.

Could be anyone.

Just for today.

to smoulder the sun away.


  1. I love the imagery here; and such truth - no matter what the mouth says or smiles or does, the eyes reveal the soul. Do you ever wonder how almost anyone "looks more attractive" wearing a pair of sunglasses? As if the mystery, the masking of motive or thought is intriguing or enticing in some way... (does this say more about the watcher or the wearer?) lol

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