Monday, 8 April 2013

St Andrews Days

i) prologue:
learning the f words 

forget fear
forge fun
for everyone's sake
forgo failure
find the faith
for your feet
and run...

ii) my two figures

fresh in the afternoon sun
a glimpse of spring has sprung
my two figures go skipping
a pine tree avenue
bouncing the ball of childhood
jumping shadows shaped by light,
lightly tripping leaves and moss
and tree root fingers shooting through
away away from me they go,
racing on to grow.

iii) postcards home 

bones of the brother
brought to Christ
martyrdom stories
come to life
fifty-two types
of flavoured ice
twice Tom Morris
rests in this ground
ping of the oldest
swings in town
castles of sand
built up washed down
east and west shorelines
surfboards speed
Swilken Burn bridge
crossed by your feet
sniper gulls glint
(a) beady-eyed greed...

iv) you hovered on the water

last night i swear
your whisper slipped the waves
reverbing a prelude long gone
as you hovered on the water
shaping shells and
tipping tides in truth
i heard you share and rush the shore
the sculptor, potter, artist, singer,
writer, painter, universe maker
you hovered on the water
and let me listen.

Our family spent the weekend at St Andrews on the East Coast of Scotland. I came across this quote at Kellie Castle near Pittenweem, by renowned Scottish sculptor Hew Lorimer. It seemed a good one to me, in light of poem iv above:
"I came to see that human is not what is paramount in the creative process; what is paramount is ‘The Creation’ and He who created it, and that what the true artist is expressing is not himself but his response to the eternal process of creation"


  1. This is good! Particularly like "always racing on to grow" - very poignant at the the moment as I wait the last few days before I see my "eldest" figure for the first time in 3 months. But in him I hear the Creator's whisper...

  2. i) made me smile.
    ii) made me feel light hearted, and made me think of my own kids.
    iii) is so cool. I like the way the coupling presents in my mind, worked like snapshots, for me.
    iv) is ethereal and beautiful.

    Well done all!

  3. nice...enjoyed the trip through your words..the first was fun with all the f words...and the second was a comfort watching them skip into spring...the postcards are really interesting little glances....and wicked quick rhyme through out it...and the last was a bit of magic, man.

  4. What you have expressed is not yourself but your response so well created. You definitely have ears that hear. Well done!

  5. Of course, all four poems are unique and fine, but I am struck by the last one: each line is a poem in itself.. I love 'slipped the waves' and 'tipping the tides'..and..I have a print of a favorite painting of "St. Andrew's Caddy" in a huge frame..he is lighting a pipe and holding a golf club. I don't know if I will ever see Scotland, but how lovely it would be. Thanks for posting the quote by H. L.

  6. I loved "learning the f words"...they section seems to list some of the keys to a happy life :)

  7. Nice thought to stop by a letter and brain storm. Inspiring.

  8. Finding faith in nature and in everyday is important ~

    This is beautifully written post, specially the last one, hovering on the water and listening ~

    I am happy to read you again ~

    Have a wonderful day ~


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