Wednesday, 24 April 2013

such a winter

white witchcraft winter
chosen frozen limbs
daily december
to grey gloomed Denethor
in such a time as this.

taut and icy mind-map,
web of willful wilting,
seeming endless morning
carrion crow creeping
under door-frame,
curtaining the darkness,
to sickle this sickly psyche
hammering hindsight
to the forefront
of a thawing, thriving mind's eye,
glimpsing its twenty-twenty mission.

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  1. ha. some fun word play in this one man...the alliteration rocks...and makes it a fun read...nice LOTR ref as well...and that is the key that lets us into this a bit more..sickle sickly, smiles...nice...just dont burn yourself alive...

  2. I have to agree with Brian... the alliteration and consonance is striking. Carrying on through winter can be tough for me.

  3. I didn't even catch the LOTR reference until Brian pointed it out! This was my favorite line: "hammering hindsight to the forefront". Masterfully written my friend.

  4. Seeming endless morning - i love this picture and the way it is written really well done and full of great images.

  5. Wow ... this is my 'read it several times' piece for the week! The concept of using inner vision, omens and hindsight to make our way forward with absolute clarity is so magical (and attractive sometimes)but also creepy ...

  6. Reading this I felt trapped in winter's icy grip and craving sunlight! Great writing. Really great description of the tangled web of mental illness struggles as well. Wonderful to have something of yours to read ND.

  7. Your wordplay here was wonderful. Our winter was a 'white witchcraft winter' too, and amazingly we might even get a few flurries tomorrow. Enough is enough. Still trying to figure out twenty twenty mission, I must admit.

  8. Love those last six lines. Not only looking forward to spring but finally seeing with 20-20 vision one's mission. Good one ND.

  9. hammering hindsight
    to the forefront

    Wonderfully convoluted phrase, this. I love it. :)

  10. Way cool wordplay......especially "to sickle this sickly psyche" - ha ha! Especially love "white witchcraft winter"....brrrrrr!

  11. ... 'carrion crow creeping' ~ brilliant way to insert carry on. Loved this!!!

  12. I too enjoyed reading this with its word and sound play! Hope your winter weather passes soon into spring.

  13. those white witchcraft winter's can be such a drain! Looking forward to what is revealed to the thawing mind's eye!

  14. oh this is so good to read aloud....yes must carry on...

  15. hey man...been a few weeks thought i would pop over and check on you...hope all is well...


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