Thursday, 22 August 2013

thursday foreshadow

just a
who taught the rope
to be taut?

and what if it

This little question came into my head as I went to hang the washing out today. I grabbed my pen and wrote it down and then returned to the job. Mysteriously, after I'd hung half of the washing out, the washing line forgot to be taut and all of the washing landed on the ground! Got to admit, this has me puzzled but in a good sort of way :)

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  1. What a mystery indeed......perhaps ropes are slow learners. Ha.

    Glad to see you in Poetry Jam, ND.

  2. How nice that you hang your washing out. Seems like a very European thing to do when I visited there. And yes, this is a mystery and a good metaphor, too ... what holds it all together? Good to see you, David ... it's been a while, smiles :)

  3. ha gotta love those little thought conundrums....
    was it taught or made to be that way? but then again, maybe it wants to be something else....i miss the smell of wash off the line....

  4. Pretty good question...a new one that I've never pondered. Sounds as if it has a mind of its own :)

  5. Love how you took something real ... turned it into something charming!!

  6. I lot can be learnt from the way the rope hangs in the air. I like it.

  7. WHOA!!!!!!!!!! Could the clothesline have heard your thoughts? I SO LOVE this entire post!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ah yes, who taught tautness? Thanks for posting this. It gave me a smile.

  9. Such a clever mind you have. Doing laundry today...will smile often mulling this. :)

  10. ha! What a head-scratcher! So funny when things like this happen!


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