Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Daze of Christmas (Day 3): Christmas Innocence

close your lids;
in a kids'-eyed bid
to restore your mission
(unseen on television);
when the snow was white
(blood in your veins that night),
turn your innocence back,
and trek your Christmases past,
when ghosts who held no fears
said silent, holy prayers,
and all you had was theirs,
and you believed and cared...

the bell has lost its ring,
you don't say anything,
(and Disney does no favours
with gift-wrapped rainbow flavours...)
you watch them drink it in,
and let the sunshine win,
just shut your eyes again,
hope is no cardinal sin...

Posted on Poetry Jam: Magic of Childhood




  1. Oh, it is nice to think back to those Christmases of the those innocent childhood days.

  2. Great write. Your dark reflections seem to mirror mine.

  3. hope is a good thing...and in a sense i would love for us to be able to turn the clock back to the christmas' of grammas house...all the family there need for all the gifts...just enough...

  4. Nice to see you again, a thoughtful poem--enjoyed how you ended on hope :-)

  5. I also like how you ended up with hope. Those childhood times were innocent.

  6. I often hearken back to those Christmas past as a youngster :)

  7. .. this is incredibly lovely.

  8. Instilling hope is an art! I too enjoy "trekking" through some Christmases past. Very nice David, hope you are enjoying your holiday season!

  9. Resurrect the inner child and look at life through his eyes. Merry Christmas NDM !

  10. I remember those Christmases like they were just last year! Have a great Christmas!

  11. Beautiful and introspective and very, very well written!

  12. Beautiful....
    hope is no cardinal sin.........loved that line....


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