Monday, 19 May 2014

catch them while you can...

bright ideas
in darkest thickets,
prone to prowling,
focusing their prey,
their sinews itching but
biding their time,
staring you out...


headlong into your psyche,
letting you deflect them
or forcing you to face them down,
devour them whole or
consume a fleshy bite,
in this fight or flight,
for the right,
to feed afresh

from the dying carcass of your mind.

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  1. strike while the iron is hot
    good ideas dont come at our call
    but at their own whim....

  2. Sometimes bright ideas come about at the most inopportune moments - and that's when we should listen the most :)

  3. Hard to catch those good ideas and thoughts ~ I get them when I am reading other works though ~

  4. nice lines and i agree with your title..

  5. Oh but sometimes those shiny ideas might be less good anyway... But you're right we squeeze them into those pigeonholes or try to shape them into those little boxes.


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