Thursday, 15 May 2014

take a break

sip a cup of cappuccino
control your pulse:
settle for a second,
flat the landscape of your scan.
You can chip the dust from the unjust,
retake the territory of your time,
and fight against your mind,
breathe in,
breathe out,
what hope we have
against our doubts
alive, alive-oh,
sip slow
sip slow,
sip now.



  1. nice...its like a meditation...
    a drawing oneself into a deep breathe...

  2. Sometimes just taking a deep breath and gathering our thoughts does help a lot. And the coffee always helps too lol.

  3. My heart rate increases with that cappuccino ... Need to work on my breathing ...
    Great write!!

  4. "What hope we have" indeed!

    A very tranquil piece, ND.


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