Thursday, 31 May 2012

Scene from a passing car (East Kilbride 8.12 am).

Already up to cause a fuss, 
When spooked by the horn of a passing bus,
(Gone, past Micky Ds),
An angry boy trying grown-up clothes,
Finger salutes invisible foes.

Cap is lifted forty-five degrees
To let off steam;
In an instant, all ashout:
"You know what? I'm mean."

Vengeance dribbling from his lips,
With gallus, rehearsed, swaggering hips,
And a single nod to his young team,
He's off again,
To live the dream.


  1. Vivid. The hallucination of maturity evaporating like fog before the sun.

    Saddens me some.

    Beautifully done.

    1. Thanks for that very poetic response Chantel!

  2. No matter where in the world we walk or drive, we see versions of this perfectly painted character. You did the scene poetic and literal justice.

    1. Thanks Kim. I saw this character on the way to work. It only took a second's snapshot to recognise him as someone we all know well, which, as Chantel says (above), is quite saddening. Thanks again for taking the time to read this,

  3. hoping that in growing up my boys dont try on the finger salute, but it is reality you know...nice capture of him...

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