Saturday, 12 May 2012

Another Swimming Lesson

Waiting at the edge,
Backing off,
Searching for the zone.

In a movement,
In one moment,
He is leaving fear
On the sidelines,
Dipping his toe in,
Splashing right under.

A boy in blue goggles,
Hugged by a woggle,
Lapping attention,
As water pulls him down,
Paddling and proud,
Head up, catching eyes,
Straining with all his tiny might.

The smallest in the class,
Bustling across the surface,
Sucked in the slipstream
Of a cavalry charge
Bringing him home.

Riding a red horse to shore,
In the slow cantering spray of
Enjoying himself.


  1. Oh, this is SO good, I could hear the splash as he dove. Beautiful.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words and for visiting. This is about my son, who insisted that I write a poem about his swimming lesson!

  3. The third paragraph nearly had me holding my breath! lol Beautiful and vivid...I'm longing for pool season here. :)

    1. We pretty much only have indoor pools in Scotland (because of the weather) so it's all year round swimming here! Thanks for taking the time to stop by-your kind words are really appreciated,


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