Saturday, 5 May 2012

Swimming Lesson

An intent listener
As the chatter of children
Splashes through your ears.

Pretty in pink
At home near H20
You giggle in goggles
When you notice me.

Diving right in
You cut through chlorine
Kicking in scissors
Scything the surface
A frog-legged torpedo
Destination locked in
Seconds until arrival
A few breaths per breadth.

Then bobbing, like a buoy,
You wait in synchronicity
With the water.

Today you are
A butterfly ballerina
Spreading your wings
Across the deep end.

And I am watching
With pride
A new swimming sensation.

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  1. is so fun when our kids take to boys have been swimming for years but will take swim lessons for the first time this year...

  2. Certainly is a good activity...It's great to learn...My kids could teach me a thing or two about swimming! I'm sure your boys' skill levels will improve even more. Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment.

  3. Love the image of a butterfly ballerina. Very sweet poem about your daughter. Maybe she can teach me how to swim :)

  4. I loved to see my kids and grandkid learning to swim. They all loved it and this is a sweet memory poem for me.

  5. Nice ~ I enjoy watching children take their swim lessons ~ My daughter enrolled years ago but stopped when she felt that it was more like a chore or regiment, rather than a fun activity.

    Happy day to you ~

  6. I loved this. You have definitely captured what it is like when children learn to swim. They are so excited about the process and showing their talents to their parents/ grandparents. Glad you discovered Poetry Jam.

  7. I read this with a mixture of joy ~ and envy! I have never learned to 'swim properly.' Could save myself in a pool (I think) but not much else. Beautifully composed ........

  8. This is such a precious moment made poetic!! Love your water offering!

    1. Thanks to everyone who has visited and for your comments! They are very much appreciated... Loredana-Thanks...I get me advice about the basics! Peggy-I agree-these are precious moments to remember... Grace-thanks for visiting...that's always the hard bit-when it becomes a chore...Have a great day too... Mary-thanks for your kind words. Glad to be part of poetry jam. Helen-I'm not much of a swimmer myself so that's part of why I was captured by swimming ability at such a young age...thanks. Hannah-I appreciate your words...thank you...

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  10. I feel like I've just been by the pool watching my child swim and it's been a long time since I have done that. Thanks for the memories. Wonderfully descriptive piece.

    1. Thanks for those most kind words Judy.


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