Tuesday, 18 December 2012

18/12/12 from 13.13 @ Strathclyde Park

marching on their own two feet,
an army of mercenary mallards
beseeching me
to be fed
realising that i am ill-prepared,
they are
reproaching me
for lack of foresight
and lack of bread. 

Trudging on empty stomachs
in solitary single file,
waddling into water,
their V-tides rippling from webbed feet,
they are troops
in green camouflaged berets,
reforming their formation
gliding the glassy surface,
swimming on in sadness.

Still wishing to be their general,
i walk into peace time
where stark proud trees
are resolutely waiting:
red-veined shrubs
whisper coming Christmas
as dewy grass is glistening.

At the dam,
crashing its crescendo,
warlike water eddies
towards the quiet truce
of the relentless river,
the magnetic cry of gulls
is turning my head;  
hovering and hollering
a call to arms
that reaches shore.

In the distance
the army of ducks are advancing,
embarking from the loch
towards their own happy ending:
a Dunkirk where
all that's waiting is
a couple bearing food.

Swarming from the water,
giving full allegiance,
standing to attention,
around their feet,
they wait
and eat.

Posted for Poetry Jam: A walk to remember


  1. haha...there was a park in MD where we lived....the geese and ducks would chase you up on tables to get the bread...no joke....i like the walk into peace after the military allusions...the dunkirk ref...ha, well built man....

  2. You created the scene well, with a sense of humor (and compassion) as well. Love thinking of the ducks as an army, as mercenaries. Sad for the ducks to be so hungry though. Next time you will have to bring food. Good thing the couple had food available to satisfy their hunger.

  3. This reminds me so much of the park and huge pond where I used to live in England. Loved your army of ducks. I expect you will remember the bread next time. :)

  4. Awesome write!!!

    I live in Bend Oregon ... the Deschutes River runs right through our 'smallish' city ... we have an army of ducks camped out on the banks that have become somewhat of a problem. City 'powers that be' are always trying to come up with a solution. Yes, problematic at times ~ but nice to look at, fun to feed (which I suspect doesn't help solve the problem?)

  5. An army of mallards--excellent description of them! Lovely walk!

  6. Mallards are my favorite! You have created such a wonderful scene here, exactly describing the ebb and flow of their enthusiasm and reproach--really enjoyed this! :-)

  7. I enjoyed your story very much. I don't know why it reminded me of the pig in Orwell's "Animal Farm", nothing to do with your story, of course, but it came to my mind.
    We keep some hens in our land and they begin clucking as soon as they watch me in the distance, hehehe; they want me to feed them with some grass in spite of having lots of grain in their pen.
    Thanks for sharing your writings all through the year.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in the company of your loved ones.
    A hug,

  8. Wonderful! mercenary of mallards... lol... you have created a very vivid vibrant picture here.

  9. For lack of foresight and lack of bread - this made me smile - they do seem to look at us as if how could we not have thought to bring them food! Great poem!

  10. What a great walk, perfect description. There is a park near me very similar to this and I can so relate. That first stanza drew me in and made me grin. Really enjoyed your write.

  11. LOVE this! i could see the reproach in the ducks eyes as they left you. wonderful!

    thank you for participating at Poetry Jam!


  12. merry christmas to you and yours as well man...hope you have a great holiday

  13. I love this march of the ducks!!!!! And then their general, walking into peace time:) Love it!

    Kiddo, I have answered all your emails, to both email addresses - check your junk mail - dont know why mine arent getting thru. We will connect soon!


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