Saturday, 22 December 2012

Haiku from the EK Centre 22/12/12

Busy and buzzing
Mall in a fast forward loop 
Bodies grabbing gifts.
Window wonderland
Victorian heartstrings tugged
Fake heartwarming snow.
Shoppers go shuffling
Monkey arms, wilting flowers
Trying to keep faith.
Keep cool in the queue
Angels may be serving you
Waiting for their wings.
Try to stay civil
If bells, baubles and Buble
Are not quite your thing.

Posted for Haiku Heights-Snow
(I realise I've taken a slight liberty with this theme!)


  1. You captured the frenzy! The "Fake heartwarming snow" made me laugh. Makes me want to retreat to a nice view of a real winter wonderland and sip something warm.

  2. You captured the craziness of shopping malls ~

    Maybe best to avoid last minute shopping ~

    Wishing you Merry Christmas ~

  3. I'm breathless after reading this, just as I would be if I braved the crowded malls!

    One Flake

  4. most of what you've written is the part of the holidays I don't like.....I did, however, enjoy your collection very much...

  5. LOVE the liberty you took - makes me feel a bit better about not only taking liberty but freedom too.

    Very novel and interesting take on the prompt. I enjoyed it!!!

  6. Thanks to all who read this. I wrote these whilst taking a break at a coffee shop. Glad to have finished shopping now! Enjoy your Christmas holidays!

  7. Good one for the season - sets the mood.

  8. Your "keep cool" haiku is ideal. Lovely sentiment, rightly shared.

  9. Ah, the frenzy of shopping malls--you captured it well. Love the wit in your haiku. Happy New Year! :)

  10. Excellent - i dig your modern haiku. Happy New Year!


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