Saturday, 8 December 2012

The 10pm Sky Guide mash-up

good luck garfield
idiot minds
question bullseye
spooks tonight
celebrity hell swap
psychic eye
europa teen mom
cop squad guy
naked jamie
uk tings
fleetwood jingle
shanghai sings
ghost soillse
dexter fly
rugrats giveaway
wife swap taggart
under siege
bargain scandal
pawn disease
graveyard airplay
mourinho dance
upfront vegas
a league of trance
texas e news
springer mac
cleveland baywatch
ghostquake jack
sex and spartacus
nightly sands
true grit diary
in god's hands


  1. I like this. Simple, but significant.

  2. Ha ha -- one takes inspiration where one finds it. Smiles. I would say this would qualify as a 'found poem.' Always nice to see you in the Pantry.

  3. ha very cool shows....made into the only question would be is did you sit and watch them back to working in of rhyme as well...

    good to see something new by you...

  4. What a hilarious and original approach to writing a piece of modern-media-specific poetry. Well done!

  5. Oh wow! I love the rhythm here..wonderful!


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