Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Before the firmament
All colides,
An azure confusion
Of chaos subsiding.

Spawned out of darkness into time.

Colour from vapour,
Blurring and charging,
Echo and turbulent,
Celestial and marine,
Mixing and forming,
Searching to be

The work of your hands.

Out of the blue
The storm is still,
A sight of inverted anarchy
Is good
They say.

The storm is still
Writhing under a surgeon's knife.

Millennia have not untangled
This lingering Siamese collaboration
Of sea and sea.

Under whispering dusk
You are
Transfusing creation,
Making new
And though my sail is set
To glide your ocean,
I am blue.

Posted for Poetry Jam


  1. ... and on we go, forever forming .. changing. I like the mood you captured.

  2. Anciently massive...and yet somehow a bit lost. A smallness there.

    Brilliant word play--I do so dig a good vocabulary. :)

  3. I especially like the use of the idiom "out of the blue" followed by "the storm is still".

  4. beautiful! LOVE the ending!

    thank you for participating at Poetry Jam!


  5. Your poem has so many layers and metaphors. I read it several times to get all your meanings. Part of it seems apocalyptic, creating a mood of destruction but also back into a full circle of creation. Part of it seems a metaphor for turbulence inside, feeling blue, yet wanting to open up and explore ... this is wonderful. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. This is a beautiful poem. And I love how you used two different meanings of blue so very effectively!

  7. A stunningly beautiful poem. I was especially taken with the last stanza and its closing lines. Very lovely.

  8. Can't find words to say what I felt.....all the universe is there in your blue...

  9. wish someone would glide my ocean....

  10. What a beautiful use of blue. Loved the flow and sway of the words wrapped up with a perfect ending

  11. Lovely ... it grasped me from all corners !!!

  12. Millennia have not untangled
    This lingering Siamese collaboration
    Of sea and those lines...and esp what is a beautiful reassurance....really nice piece...

  13. Thanks to everyone who commented on this. Really nice to get feedback on this one as I wrote it a long time ago and only recently rediscovered it. It had been sitting unseen in a notebook for many years so it's nice to put it out there and hear your views...

  14. And though my sail is set
    To glide your ocean,
    I am blue.

    Gotta love old notebooks! I found that last bit rather intriguing... it surprised me and made me go back and read the whole thing again in a different light. Turbulence beneath the melancholy...


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