Wednesday, 25 July 2012

practically magic

can't write a script
for the magic man
all smoke and mirrors
stilettoed hands
tight-ropes water
ripped up palms
wakens talitha
puts your head in the sand
sips wine from water
has no fixed abode
feeds a god delusion
on a lonely road
pulls bread from a hat
with a sat-nav for fish
a sixth-sense near sycamores
a real death-wish
wakes up acting
like he never got hit
puts your fist in his side
makes you think he's legit
when he walks through walls
there's nowhere to hide
as he goes up in smoke
leaves for you to decide.

posted for poetry jam
prompt: do you believe in magic?


  1. has a sat nav for know they had to think him pretty crazy back in the day...but his he could turn their accusations on a dime...smiles...

  2. nice! wish i could come up with something this good at the grocery store!

    thank you for participating at Poetry Jam!


  3. Lovely ... your poems display real magic !!!

  4. Hi! Added you as Liebster Blog Award recipient.

    The Link:

    Keep Creating! :)

  5. Maybe he is a ghost if he goes up in smoke and mirrors ~ Nice one ~

  6. I really enjoyed this. Your words were magic.

  7. Lots of mystery in this one--l guess that is the point of your magic man! Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Really magical... love your imagination... brilliant..

  9. Vivid imagery and cool lyrical style - well done sir!

  10. as he goes up in smoke
    it's for you to decide.
    I love it!

  11. Enjoyed the magic you weaved about the magic....

  12. I could follow the magic man past the sycamores.

  13. Magician of loaves and fishes and water into wine, well written.

  14. thanks for popping in man...i appreciate it...i hope all is well for you...


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