Wednesday, 18 July 2012

mobile immobile

a world on your fingerprints
clenched like a hand grenade
cyberspace messages
creasing your lips
you're causing diversions
unfazed while a passer-by
trip-wires away from
a virtual time-bomb
you're: surfing haphazardly
liking distractedly
blacking reality
out for a bit
controlled by a microchip
hypno-robotic charged
rendered immobile
when a lamp-post is hit...

Click to see mobile distraction in action here.

Posted  for Theme Thursday-Distraction


  1. I keep my 'gadgetry' to a minimum, but I am addicted to my laptop, and, with the internet, I flit from one thing to another....there's SO much information to peruse!

  2. LOl....meant for one who uses electronics as much as I do! great write!

  3. ugh...i cant stand people on the phone while driving...going slow...and weaving or not paying attention....i can get rather distracted by my computer though...surely

  4. awesome, too true poem. even scarier is how many drivers I see texting

  5. Before they changed the laws out here and we could talk on the phone, I noticed that my driving was not so great if I was on the phone, and I really hadn't gotten into texting but I can imagine that I would be lucky to be alive if I had ever texted while driving. I am amazed at how many drivers I still see talking on their cell phones and texting while driving. It is as if they must think they will not get caught or they have no idea that it is against the law.

    I will not even use the ear pieces when driving, if I really need to talk on the phone then I pull off the road and stop somewhere to talk. I think we need to pay more attention to make up for those that are not. I really do not see how they do not realize talking or texting on their cell phone is a "BIG" distraction.

    This was a great subject for this weeks Theme Thursday distraction's theme. And I am so glad you got distracted enough to share it with us.

    God bless.

  6. something so relevant as of now ! :)

  7. Brilliant! I wanted to rap as I read this...!

  8. "a world on your fingerprints
    clenched like a hand grenade"

    Well spun! Wonderful foreshadowing. Visually luscious.
    And the video is hilarious.

  9. I hope my internet searching isn't that bad. I'll get back to reality soon enough.


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