Saturday 2 February 2013

...shadowing the verge...

unbinding heart vaders:
loosing silent slaves
shadowing the verge of me
for long, so long;

unwrap their hands
and brittle,
twig fingers
will point me out;
they are arrows homing
on their

unravel their bruised feet
long bound; frozen still;
as maligned
as an Empire's daughters
on a tyrranical whim...

Unfettered now
their fraught kicking spills reason
into a cloudy pool of

swept by a tidal stare:
eyes benign for all time
pierce their sighing mirror
to glimpse and recollect
their former face.

slowly so slowly
they are circling me
ululating freely
"it cannot be done"

caressing to my soul
their words
i turn
with them
and run /

posted for the dverse prompt of "Bright Shadow"
In life we are all faced with coming to terms with our past; facing our demons; accepting ourselves and moving forward.That's kind of what this poem's about.


  1. I'm sorry...I need more clues, but I just can't figure this out, though I read it slowly four times. Sigh.

    1. Sorry about that Mary. Glad you persevered. It's "probably" written about coming to terms with your past; facing your demons; accepting yourself and moving forward...i guess there is brightness at the end but quite a lot of shadow before that :)

    2. Thank you!! That helps my understanding a lot!

    3. Thanks for being honest enough to point out the obscurity in this! I've added a note at the end to help any other readers :)

    4. You're welcome! I hesitated...but am now glad I did. I do like your after-note. Sometimes I think such notes are a good thing.

  2. Heart vaders is such a cool phrase, and describes these demon shadows so well. It is difficult to escape them turn as one might. k.

  3. I like the staring at the mirror, and coming terms with what has passed or gone in the past ~

    Thanks for sharing your words ~

  4. ...running, sometimes, make a better option to escape but not all the time... for even when you run your shadows will still be there behind, following you...little did you know it's already in your front and the light has shifted and you're running to your own darkness... you can't always escape.. you can only accept & face your own demons... sometimes it's really hard to accept & face the greatest demon we see in the mirror...


  5. really great use of imagery...the twig fingers did it for me..what a rather haunting piece man...thankful for your note in the comments as it allowed me to see a bit deeper into this....the running at the end...great touch...

  6. Your metaphors here are so intricate. Wonderful use of imagery throughout this piece. Great work ND.

  7. fabulous imagery - I enjoyed the elusiveness - haunting like memories that sit just on the edge of recollection

  8. i love the images you use to make your point..surely not always easy to face these demons but so relieving when we manage and run towards a new gained freedom

  9. Coming to terms with the past can be so tough at times !!!

  10. Interesting poem -- a bit hard for me to follow, but the write kept me reading and it was a manageable length for that degree of vagueness.

    Some thoughts:

    (1) The Chinese Empire maligned their daughters feet, not on a whim, but as a long, careful, intentional attack. The Chinese have many demons to face -- like us all. And we men are the worse of demons in all lands.

    (2) I had to look up "ululating" -- boy that is hard to say -- I'd have welcomed howling or wailing much more.

  11. I love the beginning of the third stanza (i am swept by a tidal stare)...great work.

  12. a few things. first of all, there seems to be a lot of star wars in this

    second, when you bold, it almost seems like you are creating a part 2, and i had to do a double take and the i was just one i and not ii, and...i like that effect.

    this was just gorgeous, so poetic

    hades gate

  13. As Brian says, this IS a haunting piece made more so by the reference at the end to coming to terms with one's past. I also was struck by the twig fingers. Eery. Wonderful writing!

  14. our light our dark, inescapable, i like the recollected face. evocative.


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