Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Musings

Easter Saturday.

A day of waiting.

But late on Friday there is motion. The pulling together of the ties of religious order before the Sabbath brings the need to hurriedly remove bodies from their crosses. There is urgency in the speed of Joseph of Arimathea's request to Pilate to move the body to the tomb. Even the two women find they are unable to take their spices to the dead man's body because they might encroach into the hours and strict observances of what can and cannot be done on the Sabbath. And the conspiracy to murder is forgotten by all those who recognise that religion must be observed. The hypocrisy seems clearcut: we've just made sure that an innocent man is brutally, savagely, ripped apart, but we'd better do our utmost to ensure that the Almighty is pleased with our worship by following a set of dos and donts...

It's easy to spot hypocrisy. We all see it in someone else.

Anyone who claims to be religious will, to a lesser or greater degree, trip up before long. Some in outrageous, newsworthy ways. Others in the privacy of their own conscience.

Perhaps it's best to admit it. Get off that high horse. No amount of ritual can make me perfect.

Maybe that's the real message of Easter. I can't actually do this by myself.

It has to be taken care of for me...



  1. Lots to reflect on in your words today...the day before Easter. Happy Easter to you!

  2. In the moments closest...the day spent on knees the realization of how far we've strayed, the distance gaps, the ache builds. It is only in the silence--the muffling of the perpetual soundtrack that permeates everything...

    that we see our own need.

    Your painting of Saturday is so hauntingly real, my friend.

    1. Thanks Chantel. It's definitely a reflective time at Easter. Hope you have a good one :-)

  3. i think you nailed the message of easter....that i cont do this myself...we try, we think we can...but all fail...and we point of the hypocrisy in others missing the log in our own eye...happy easter man....

  4. I agree whole-heartedly...I think that is the real message. At least that's what I take from it. Great post my friend.

  5. Amen. A wonderful message of the message of Easter.


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