Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Simple Pleasures #2

The smell of sun-tan lotion

I'm sure it's happened to you. You twist the lid and hold it near your face. It might be a wet and windy Glasgow evening, but suddenly you're transported back in time to that beach in the south of France. You might be soaking in Seattle, but your senses are sizzling in the Seychelles.The tiny specks of sand around the bottle neck only confirm that you're actually basking in the mid-afternoon sunshine. You can almost hear the waves crashing to shore...

Now, you may be pulled back to reality almost instantly, but isn't there something magical about this kind of time-travel? A fragrant De Lorean voodoo that can send your worries scurrying for a split-second? Let's give a standing ovation to the olfactory perception that sun-tan lotion or sunscreen can bring us. It's a simple pleasure. Have you been taken on a journey by your sense of smell recently?


  1. Whoa! All THAT for $6.95? I didnt know. I must buy some. Hee hee. Loved this!

  2. A great transport not only in lotion but your words.

  3. oh man...i feel you...the sense of smell is strong...and a huge anchor for memories....smelling sun tan lotion takes me back to topsail island...summer vacation every year growing up...and hiding in the pilings under the cottage...

  4. yes, a smell of coconut always does that to me :) And smell of peaches always reminds me of summer.

  5. Yes, definitely, scents and smells can bring back memories ~ Now, I really like to hurry spring so we can get ready to go out ~

  6. The smell of lilacs always transports me back to the hometown I grew up in...and I experience one of those nostalgic moments with a happy little grin. Fun thoughts David!


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