Monday, 11 March 2013

Last Time Thirty Something.

skirting the thirty zone
for the last time today
clouds opened
eddying Tim Burton sprinkles
of swirling snow
through a sky
new as blue
transported and transcendent
freed inside Caliban's Dream
to feel the health of God
on this dissolving mind,
shoring down
in cascading waves
of fairytale white,
warmth upon this
cracking shell
a truth to tell: be not afeard.

Note: Inspired by a magical moment I had whilst driving to work today watching a spring/winter wonderland and listening to Underworld. It was a good way to bid goodbye to life as a thirty something.


  1. This particular poem left me feeling very tranquil...

  2. I loved the words that weaved this poem ... brilliant !!!

  3. Happy Birthday! I crossed the threshold almost 2 years ago, I don't think I was ready lol. But being in my 40's has grown on me now...ha.

    I love this piece. The Tim Burton sprinkles...the health of God on this dissolving mind (I'm there :-/), and a truth to tell: be not afeard--I love that.

    And thanks so much for your comment on my post from yesterday. You always pick up on things and that song you left the link to is perfect. Thanks for sharing it, I'd never heard it...instant fan. Enjoy your day :-)

  4. Warmth upon this cracking shell....strange, that's how I often feel when reading you.

    Happy birthday, may it be a long day smashed full of dreams and wishes and joy in the wonder of it all! (40 is quite alright after all)

  5. oh man...i am almost there myself...have a few months left...happy early birthday....nice refs in calliban, burton and not afeard man...

  6. Ya know, the 40's are good years. Nothing to fear. You will enjoy. I promise. Happy birthday!!

  7. A Good pickup of health, a truth to tell and a tune to carry you/us through. Life goes on, hello forties.

  8. hey just making sure you woke up from that birthday party...smiles.

    1. Ha...Yes indeed. Taken a few days off to focus on my partying Brian. Now that I'm 40, got to seize the day ;)

  9. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, David! Lovely poem :)


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