Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bolt (100 words)

The gun cracks and fires everyone to life again. The stretched elastic seconds of hush are released. I unfurl my back and my legs piston into motion.  I zone out, channel the crescendo of  voices, the frenzy of emotion and never let go of the line. Colours are liquid, bobbing in the distance and I am moving across my dance floor. I am a hunted gazelle in a cheetah's body rushing to freedom. And all too soon I am pointing. Draping the flag around my shoulders. Joining the party and dancing. Touching skin in a volley of high-fives. I am untouchable.

Photo copyright Daily Mail.


  1. "a hunted gazelle in a cheetah's body rushing to freedom"...fantastic!!

  2. i tell you what, i would not want to try to chase him down...that man is unbelievable....

  3. You have captured him perfectly. Wow, isn't it crazy a man can be that fast? I agree with Keith...I was going to quote the same line--fantastic! Very cool David, I really enjoyed this.


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