Friday, 6 September 2013


... pouring rain,
is typing down,
in clicking bursts of
punctuation on the patio
rhetoric in the residue,
letters to the land, 
one question mark
or two...
a season ends 
and brings
the fury of the dove
up close again
(send her deep) 

in rainfall 
it's you,
who asks the earth to 
whisper back,
to sleep,
or to remain awhile.
perfect rain
casts out fear,
no question asked, 
no quarter given,
aiming shards of deluged heaven
(soak in)
on doubtful ground

and suddenly 
no sound.


  1. Wonderfully creative craftsmanship David. We had rain like this last night. Your opening stanza pulled me in...seeing rain like typing is such a cool image to me. Stanza three feels so peaceful and four has tones of deeper truths that had me nodding in agreement. That couplet ends it right. Great work.

  2. some really creative elements in this...i like the typewriter of rain leaving punctuation on the porch...the asking the earth to whisper back...the fury of the dove...really a well raught piece

  3. This is some amazing writing. Rain really does inspire doesn't it? It gets the creative juices flowing. There's nothing quite like that sound.


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