Saturday, 28 September 2013

Repeat Prescription

fun addict
sun addict
marathon run addict
pain addict
train addict
new muscle gain addict
smoke addict
coke addict
laughter and joke addict
sport addict
port addict

prescribe yourself God.

FIFA addict
COD addict
grand theft auto 5 addict
i-phone addict
wi-fi addict
virgin and sky addict
wealthy addict
selfie addict
trying to be healthy addict
food addict
good addict

prescribe yourself God.

buckie addict
lucky addict
cash in the attic addict
porn addict
scorn addict
sad and forlorn addict
sex addict
hex addict
text and Tex-Mex addict
hair addict
prayer addict

prescribe yourself God.

love addict
glove addict
push comes to shove addict
fitness addict
witness addict
countdown to christmas addict
small addict
tall addict
going to the mall addict
spring, summer,
fall addict

prescribe yourself God

church addict
mosque addict
temple, synagogue addict
hate addict
weight addict
avoiding being late addict
darwin addict
marlin addict
business is the business addict
pill addict
thrill addict

prescribe yourself God...


posted on poets united poetry pantry #169


  1. I am definitely a countdown to Christmas addict
    Also, I'm a chocolate addict LOL

  2. ha. def plenty to get addicted to...that is for sure...
    and it does take and HP often to overcome...
    i am a key lime pie addict....smiles.

  3. Amen. You knocked it out of the park with this David. God can heal and satisfy. Bravo sir.

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  5. there is no end to addictions we'll distract ourselves with to avoid full-out living...

  6. I think you have listed them my case.....blogging addict??????

  7. WOW! That was epic. And appropriate for Sunday, too.

  8. I think we are all addicted to something - hopefully more good or bad ~

    I would add blogging like what Sherry said ~ And yes God would be the ultimate prescription ~

  9. You speak the to read.

  10. yeah - what a tour of modern addiction. God...good answer.

  11. There are so many things out there to get 'addicted' to, and I would guess that anyone who reads your poem will identify with at least one addiction. Smiles.

  12. What a lovely message, David. Yes, spirituality is the cure. Smiles :)

  13. That's so spot on! I smiled at the "avoiding being late addict" (such a stressful addiction...)

    Thanks for coming over to my blog, I'll be glad to see you there again!

  14. Love this. We're all addicted to something.

  15. Great list and a couple ring true ;D
    Who doesn't have an addiction?!
    Thanks for visiting me
    Fun to read!


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